One of the most fascinating parts of a handmade rug is that they have 2 very distinct sides.  We have many rugs that showcase this difference, some very well, and others more subtly. Our new "Athena" rug from Pakistan (featured in the above image) has a very distinct light and dark side. This magical phenomenon is created in part from the pile or nap direction.  The light side reflects light; the dark side absorbs light.

When the weaver ties a knot to the foundation, this comprises the “pile” or “nap” of the rug.  This knot is usually woven with a downward motion which creates a distinct pile direction. Some rugs have more pronounced light and dark sides than others depending on the way it is woven and the sheen in the fiber.  In the amazing "Athena" example above, the difference is dramatic from one side to the next due to the high sheen of its lustrous silk & wool pile.  This is a really nice effect because you truly get 2 different looks – 2 looks with one rug!

Seeing the rug in person is a much better way to select your rug than trying to purchase one online as the color you see on the screen is not always the way it looks in person. Please visit our beautiful showroom in the Galleria Plaza and discover the magic of handmade carpets.