Welcome to Rugs Oriental

Rugs Oriental is the premium supplier of traditional & contemporary rugs in the Cayman Islands. We have something for everyone – even custom orders, to make sure you get that perfect rug or accessory for your home. We source beautiful, quality handmade rugs and accessories from the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Authenticity, sustainable resourcing and exceptional customer care is at the heart of the Rugs Oriental brand.


  • Traditional Rugs

    Traditional Rugs

    Hand-knotted Oriental carpets constructed on a loom using traditional techniques and patterns.

  • Contemporary Rugs

    Contemporary Rugs

    Hand-knotted carpets made on traditional looms using modern non-traditional designs / motifs.

  • Antique / Vintage Rugs

    Antique / Vintage Rugs

    Rugs more than 100 years old are classified as antique. Old pieces less than 100 years old are considered vintage.

  • Kilims & Flatweaves

    Kilims & Flatweaves

    Flatweaves are made using a basic weaving technique. Each horizontal thread is passed between vertical threads.

  • Home Furnishings

    Home Furnishings

    Turkish lamps, ceramics & towels, Retro Modern furniture, Various cushion covers.

  • Accessories


    Jewellery, Sri Lankan Cotton Bags & Children’s Toys, Scarves and Turkish Robes.