Cayman Islands Premium Supplier of Traditional & Contemporary Rugs, Accessories and Home Furnishings

  • Traditional Rugs

    Traditional Rugs

    Hand-knotted Oriental carpets constructed on a loom using traditional techniques and patterns.

  • Contemporary Rugs

    Contemporary Rugs

    Hand-knotted carpets made on traditional looms using modern non-traditional designs / motifs.

  • Antique / Vintage Rugs

    Antique / Vintage Rugs

    Rugs more than 100 years old are classified as antique. Old pieces less than 100 years old are considered vintage.

  • Kilims & Flatweaves

    Kilims & Flatweaves

    Flatweaves are made using a basic weaving technique. Each horizontal thread is passed between vertical threads.

  • Home Furnishings

    Home Furnishings

    Turkish ceramics, Turkish towels, footstools & leather pouffes, Sri Lankan tablecloths and cushions.

  • Accessories


    Jewellery, Sri Lankan Cotton Bags & Children’s Toys, Scarves and Turkish Robes.